At heart, CodeScribo is a software design and development company. Armed with a small, yet highly capable team of young firebrand techno-geeks we can provide our valuable customers with end-to-end customized solutions for both mobile and web which enable them to achieve their critical IT objectives. At the same time, our team of well-established technology advisors provides ways and means of solving business challenges with our unique, industry-based consultative approach. Together, CodeScribo offers decades of valuable experience, proven knowledge, and a well-focused strategy to quickly deliver reliable quality solutions that help you get your product out to the market faster than the competition.

At CodeScribo, we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and providing a great level of transparency.

Why Choose Us

At CodeScribo, We always wear the motto 'Customer is King' on our sleeves. Upon choosing us, we guarantee that you would always get the 'One-on-One' attention you deserve for us to tailor the best-customized solution for your needs. CodeScribo is dedicated to delivering all of our customers the same high standard of project execution and excellence.

Our clients have been choosing us for a number of reasons.

Quick Results

We provide the best results quickly and effectively.

Powerfull Applications

Designing and Developing feature-rich and secure applications is our forte.

Money Saving

We provide class-leading services at an affordable cost.

Efficient Solutions

Our experienced Consultants are never short of a solution to your problems.

Innovative Technologies

Our team of efficient engineers relies on the latest technologies to deliver the best products.

Best in Quality

Our dedicated quality assurance team ensures defect prevention, project risk mitigation, and high-quality results at all times.

What We Excel In

At CodeScribo, our team of experts stands out from the rest of the crowd by exhibiting unmatched skill and proficiency in emerging technologies.

Here’s a comprehensive look at the technologies we work with.

  • WEB

Our Strength

At CodeScribo, we believe in the saying 'A Successful team is a group of many hands and one mind'


Our group of young geeks bring more than 50 years' experience handling clients internationally and nationally.

We have on board a vibrant and expert team of Project Managers, Tech Leads, Android Developers, iOS Developers, Full Stack Developers, UI/UX Designers, and Quality Testers. Our experts at CodeScribo act as an accelerator to design, develop, and assure the quality of innovative apps in both the Web and the Mobile space.

We sincerely believe, our team has commanding experience handling projects in more than 30 programming languages and the products they proudly helped create have aided businesses to scale newer heights technologically and financially.


The experts we bank on have raked in more than 250 years of collective corporate experience spanning Asian, African, European, Australian, and North American companies.

This team of highly skilled specialists boasts experience working for Fortune Global 500 companies with exposure to Telecom, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Technology, and Automotive industries. Their multi-cultural experiences in handling lead roles worldwide are of immense importance when it comes to delivering robust results.

We combine proven strategies, best practices and time-tested methods with our deep proprietary knowledge-base to help companies not only beat their odds but even gain an advantage over the competition.


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