we offer cutting-edge geospatial solutions that empower businesses and organizations to harness the power of location intelligence. Our comprehensive suite of services and tools enables you to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and unlock new opportunities in the ever-evolving world of geospatial data.


  • Photogrammetry
  • GIS
  • Remote Sensing
  • LiDAR
  • Orthophoto
  • Mobile Mapping

We brings the best-in-class aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetric services to its clients worldwide.

Input data is obtained from Aerial Photography, LiDAR and Satellite Imagery. Services offered cater to versatile needs viz. Municipal Mapping, City Modelling, Utilities Mapping and more.

CodeScribo expertise ranges from capturing and updating topography mapping, hydrological, and man-made infrastructure data sets, to preparing GIS base maps with detailed features such as road networks, buildings outlines, crop patterns, and more. We draw on a broad set of remote-sensing data analysis capabilities supporting a range of applications across several industries.

We offer our services
  • Utility mapping
  • Planimetric Mapping
  • Digitization/Drafting
  • Geo-referencing/Geocoding
  • CAD conversion
  • Data Attribution and analysis
  • Database designing & Data Migration
  • Data analysis and management service
Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing is a technology of obtaining information about an object without a physical contact with the object but with a sensor mounted on an aircraft or a satellite. The underlying concept is that the sensor either detects the natural radiation that is emitted or reflected by the object (Passive Remote Sensing) or emits energy to scan objects and measure the radiation that is backscattered from the object (Active Remote Sensing) .The advantage of Remote Sensing is that it makes it possible to collect data even in inaccessible areas.

We offer our services
  • Image Processing and Classification
  • Land use Land cover (LULC) Mapping/ Clutter Data Creation
  • Agricultural Mapping
  • Forest Mapping
  • Hydrological Mapping
  • Environmental & Disaster Management
We offers LiDAR data acquisition, mapping, data processing, and feature extraction services. With proven methodologies and deep expertise in working with high-resolution imagery and LiDAR datasets, we enable customers to minimize the need for site visits, saving time and money while mitigating safety risks.

We provides full range of LiDAR data processing services.
  • DTM & DSM Classification
  • Power Line feature coding and catenary stringing
  • Advance classification
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Bathymetry mapping
  • Terraphoto Process

We provides a wide range of image processing services including change detection, ortho-rectification, mosaicking, colour balancing, geo-referencing / geo-rectification of all types of high-resolution imagery (aerial and satellite).

We deal with imagery from medium and large format and digital cameras. Orthos and true orthos are generated from vertical, oblique cameras and delivered as seamless mosaics. The mosaicking is done with homogenous colour, radiometric corrections and other enhancements based on specific client requirements.

Mobile Mapping

We offer mobile mapping solutions whichconcentrate on feature extraction. These include the entire built environment and external asset from a range of featureclasses like transport & traffic signage, street furniture, utility assets, vegetation and physical infrastructure. Our mobilesurveys and mapping service have delivered significant benefits to road and highway projects.


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