Our UI/UX architecture service helps you visualize your system or website as a whole and thus create understanding across business units and management. By using cognitive psychology and design thinking we craft user experiences that achieve business goals and drive engagement.

The deliverables might include sitemaps, flow diagrams, and wireframes to convey how the systems, websites, and mobile apps will work from a practical perspective.

At CodeScribo, we work only with the best front-end developers and designers around, allowing our clients to get the most out of any app they envision from scratch.


  • Mobile UI/UX Design
  • Web UI/UX Design
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Mobile UI/UX Design

  • Our expert App Designers strive to provide top-notch mobile UI/UX design that is intuitive and responsive, perfect for any device that is used to access your content.
  • Our team understands what it takes to create a mobile UI/UX that is appealing to all users, whether they are using an off-brand tablet or an Android smartphone when browsing online.
  • Ensuring all of our work is properly displayed on mobile and tablet devices of all brands is our top priority to guarantee the most appealing, professional, and functional results.

Web UI/UX Design

  • The more intuitive and appealing your application or website appears to users, the easier it becomes to convey any marketing message to generate additional traffic, referrals, and ultimately, revenue.
  • All design projects are thoroughly researched by our expert in-house UI/UX designers to provide optimal results based on your consumer base and the target demographic you want to reach.
  • We understand a range of creative subjects: from traditional color theory and artistic styles to web development trends and responsive design rules.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the UI/UX technologies we work with.

Our sculptors at CodeScribo will take you through the following stages during the design of your Mobile and Web Applications:

  1. User Journeys - We create a customer journey map from the user-perspective to explain step-by-step the process of how a user interacts with a service in their application.
  2. User Research - To deliver an application to the users efficiently, it is important that you recognize your users very well, how they will use your application, and what their needs are at each point of interaction with the application. We make this possible through effective user research
  3. User Experience - From the findings gathered from user research and customer journey map, we now know the user well, and how and what they think. The design finally is built on these conclusions, providing a one of a kind digital experience.
  4. Interaction Design - Our team of user experience and interaction designers focuses on generating personas, user scenarios, and wireframe designs, thereby ensuring that your application/website will create a lasting impression on your audience base.
  5. Prototyping - And finally we believe the designing of the application has to be done collaboratively with clients. This last step of the procedure is service design prototyping, which will help us deliver projects apart from our assumptions.


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