Managing the Expansion and Diversification of a Kerala based Family-run Jewelry Business

The Client

A famous Jewelry store based in Kerala.

The Userbase

Internal stakeholders of the company.

The Challenge

The Jewelry was a family run business. The client was looking to expand current business and also diversify. An online presence was lacking and the employees had to be trained in the latest management techniques. The high competition in the current business was also to be addressed.

The Solution

Web app development, digital marketing and risk mitigation were the answers to the current business. For diversification, the group had to venture into businesses which had a long-term free cash flow and called for minimal capital infusion.

The Website was developed in accordance with client requirement. Branding and Digital Marketing contracts from the client were sourced as a result of our customer-centric approach during web app development.

Technologies Used

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Frontend)

  • Node. JS (Backend)

Methodology Used

  • TQM

  • Risk Management

  • SWOT Analysis

The Payoff

  • The group has been able to foray into Financial services, Distribution, Retail and F&B services.


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