Providing Real-Time Inventory Insights for an upcoming Indian FMCG Company

The Client

The client, based out of India, having operations at various locations in the country is an FMCG company that offers a platform to create brands which captures favorable macroeconomic factors manifested through higher urban consumption. This company was born out of an idea to be a one-of-a-kind start-up where the entrepreneurial ambitions of the various stakeholders could be nurtured and given a platform to shine.

The Userbase

All the employees in the company (for e.g.: Manager, Assistant Manager, TL, AL etc.).

The Challenge

The client was not able to track the activities and locations of the employees who are on field duty and the stock data of their various vendors. They had to depend on handwritten data provided by the employees to track these details. A lot of the employee time was consumed to record data daily and monthly. Due to this manual intervention by the employees, a lot of bad/incorrect data had also found its way into the system. Hence, the client wanted an easy interface for their employees to track their daily activities, the vendor inventory data and also perform other actions like apply for vacation, etc.

For the solution to be beneficial, it needed to provide superior user experience to all stakeholders so that the employees could quickly incorporate this solution in their daily lives. The client, however, lacked the technical expertise and bandwidth for designing and developing a solution that met all their business requirements, and CodeScribo was approached to work on a solution that offered a simple and intuitive method that does not cause any confusion or frustration among employees. 

The Solution

Our team at CodeScribo started with a detailed study of the various challenges the client was facing at the time.  After a detailed analysis, we presented the client with our findings. This helped us finalize the scope of development and the project milestones. We were then able to develop the application with timely discussions on the status and deliverables with the client.

CodeScribo was also able to provide an extra feature where the employees can view their performance details for achieving bonuses.

The solution has been designed and developed with a simple user interface (UI), utilizing easy to read fonts, colors, and straightforward functionalities, enabling the employees to perform their day-to-day activities with ease.

Technologies Used

  • Client - Framework Android Studio, Xcode iOS
  • Languages – Java (Android), swift (iOS)
  • Platform – Laravel (PHP)

The Payoff

  • The solution replaced the manual intervention required to manage the daily activities performed by the employees. 
  • The efficiency of employees was increased.
  • The employees were able to generate daily, weekly, monthly reports.
  • The employees were able to apply for vacation directly through the application.
  • The employees were also able to manage their time more effectively.
  • The application provides periodic employee evaluation data to all stakeholders.
  • The application enabled the employees to monitor and evaluate their work effectively to achieve higher bonuses.


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