Expediting Operations of a Kerala based Event Management Startup Immediately Post COVID Lockdown

The Client

An event management company based in Kerala.

The Userbase

Internal stakeholders of the company.

The Challenge

Crisis hit this start-up during their inception stage when an earlier vendor for the company ran into issues during the portfolio website development. So it was basically 'a cleaning up someone else's mess' kind of project. Getting the promoters' trust was the key.

The Solution

Our team at CodeScribo suggested a simple yet elegant design to the website at a fraction of the cost quoted earlier by the initial vendor. We did this without compromising on our quality of work. Free consulting services were provided to the client given that the COVID-19 pandemic created havoc in the client's business plans.

The website was developed as per the client requirement. Branding and Digital Marketing contracts from the client were sourced as a result of our customer-centric approach during web development.

Technologies Used

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Frontend)

  • Node. JS (Backend)

Methodology Used

  • Quality Function Deployment

The Payoff

  • A quick and cost-effective solution to the start-up's woes stimulated the promoters to act differently.
  • The company chose to offer cost-effective solutions instead of high-end solutions. As a result, the company was able to garner interests from new suppliers and hence commence their operations within weeks of lifting the COVID lockdown.


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